Mimi really is being naughty in this second movie as she masturbates to six orgasms with her Hitachi and her Fairy Mini wand vibrators. She is a straight leg masturbator and her entire body twitches with sexual energy as she gets more and more aroused ... she gets nice and wet too! Mimi is sitting on the small sofa wearing her tight leather pants ... she is very quick to remove these, leaving her in her black thong and t-shirt. Her Hitachi magic wand lays ominously close by as she peels her top off over her head, then turns around and releases her bra strap. Mimi's small natural breasts are fully on display as she peels her thong panties off over her feet. She gets comfortable on the couch as she gently starts to run a finger through her shaved slit and over her clit, cupping her breast with her other hand. Mimi is very quickly ready for more so she turns on the magic wand and lightly touches it to her clit and pussy lips. The power of the toy has her entire body twitching almost immediately - she appears to be very sensitive to the powerful vibrations of the venerable Hitachi! But she goes on, not just getting accustomed to the sensations but clearly enjoying them. Mimi is a straight leg girl ... she pushes her legs out in front of her, firmly cups her breast and continues masturbating. She is gasping now with pleasure as she rubs the head of the wand over her clit it a circular manner. The with a gasp and a glance at the camera, Mimi cums! She parts her legs, then spreads them completely as she runs her finger through her wet slit. Her smile says it all! Now clad in a tiny pair of shorts and a mid-rift t-shirt, Mimi is sitting on the leather chaise. She unbuttons her shorts, then peels her t-shirt over her head. Her bra goes next ... and after cupping her breasts and getting her nipples nice and hard, she slips her shorts down over her feet ... she's going commando too! Mimi starts knowingly at the camera as her finger finds her clit and gently starts rubbing it. But she really is partial to the Hitachi now ... she switches it onto low power and lightly touches her clit with it while gently pulling up on her pubic mound. Mimi really sticks to what works for her - she keeps the wand on her clit while cupping her breasts until her body once again starts to twitch with her sexual energy release! She very subtly grinds her hips against the big toy, regularly letting out a gasp - it appears that she holds her breath when she masturbates, too! Judging by her twitching and face contortions, Mimi is getting close ... she looks directly at the camera and nods to inform the camera man that she is about to cum ... then with her legs straight and a series of pants, Mimi goes over the edge. She has subtle orgasm contractions too, now that I know where and when to look! She parts her legs and touches her post orgasm pussy. Mimi is in bed under the covers. She pushes the covers back and shows off her leopard print nightie and panties. She pulls her nightie off over her head and ... matching leopard print bra! Mimi does a little striptease as she removes her panties and spreads her legs, her finger quickly finding her clitoris again. She playfully shows off her trim body before removing her bra and starting to masturbate a bit more seriously with her finger. But her favourite toy is near, so Mimi fires up the wand and teases her pussy with it before settling the vibe on her clit. She starts out with her legs apart, but straightens her legs out in front of her when things start getting more serious. She really wants to try to cum with her legs apart, so she keeps going against her grain and trying to keep them apart, even grabbing her thigh from underneath. That sort of works! Mimi goes over the edge and her orgasm, although subtle, is much more visible this time! She puts the toy away and gently rubs her aroused post orgasm clit. Mimi appears in a long faux-fur coat looking suspiciously like she isn't wearing much underneath it. She sits on the bench and sure enough, she only has her sexy matching black bra and panty set on. She lies back on the bench and peels off her panties before sitting up and removing her bra. But Mimi would rather be on the floor, so she gets comfortable on a couple of large pillows and a rug, fires up her Fairy Mini wand this time, and starts to masturbate. Mimi is very consistent - she knows what works for her, so she rubs the vibe over her clit as she cups her small breast and pinches her nipple. The sensations already have her panting with pleasure, and soon Mimi has her legs straight out in front and the toy cranked to high power. And that does the trick! Mimi cums with her typical faint and sublte contractions. She spreads her legs and her girl cum glistens in the slit. She dips just the tip of her finger into her crack and moistens her clit with her post orgasm juices. Mimi is back on the couch, this time with her Fairy Mini Wand close at hand. She is wearing her tiny tight shorts again and a mid-rift top. She shows off what is under her shorts before pulling her top off and revealing her sexy bra. Her shorts swiftly follow suit. Mimi lies back on the couch, pulls her panties to one side, and starts to rub her clit with her middle finger as the camera zooms in for a closeup of the rubbing action. Mimi sheds her panties, but keeps her bra on this time as she gets more serious with her vibrator. She really is trying to keep her legs apart again this time as she buzzes away at her clit and perfectly shaved pussy! Even with the toy cranked to high power ... Mimi nods at the camera to indicate that her orgasm is imminent, lets out a gasp and pant, then kicks her head back as she cums! Once again, her pussy got really wet and juicy from this arousing action! Once more, Mimi finds herself lying down on the bed, this time wearing only her bra and panties. She shows off her hot body and caresses herself a bit before taking off her panties for direct pussy access. She masturbates with her finger for a bit to get herself ready for the more intense sensations delivered by her toy, then sheds her bra, and gets serious with the vibe. The fairy mini wand must be a favourite too ... she keeps the toy on relatively low speed this time as she gets closer and closer to cumming. One hand is controlling the vibe and her other is cupping her breast and pinching her nipple. Suddenly, without much warning at all, Mimi cums again! She puts away her vibrator and gently rubs her finger through her wet pussy as she recovers.

Starring: Mimi Rayne




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