Miranda Miller has a secret that her boyfriend can never know about. She has a huge crush on her boyfriend's roommate. When her man leaves the house Miranda can't take her eyes off his roommate. She spies on him all day and decides she can't hold back any longer. She has to know what that big, black dick feels like in her pussy! Sofie Reyez is pouring out her heart to a guy about how she feels she hasn't taken enough chances in life and it's starting to get her down. Well, this stud sees this as an invitation to make a move and he finds Sofie more than ready to spread her legs for his thick meat. Looks as if Sofie is really ready to spice up her life! Kasey Miller's father is a football coach and today one of his players has come to the house to have a private workout. Kasey watches as his huge muscles flex under the strain of the weights and can't help but wonder about the thick muscle his shorts are straining to contain. So, when he asks to use the shower, Kasey knows this is her chance to get that dick! Natalie Brooks gets a text from a guy her friend wants her to hook up with. She's intrigued by his message and decides to see how much fun this guy is. She sends him a sexy pic of her in the bath and before long he shows up at her house. With foreplay out of the way already, these two waste no time getting what they both want. A good hard fucking!


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