Girl Girl & Old Man

Girl Girl & Old Man Porn Video Art

It starts out pretty normal. Cute blond licking the hot redhead's wet pussy. Of course, they change places and the redhead is soon licking the blond's hot pussy. Somehow, (we know how) the 88 year old photographer decided to help. He is such an ass, LOL. The two girls decide to get him out of the way so they can go back licking pussy. So they both start sucking on his cock. That worked for a while then the blonde went back to sucking the redhead's sweet pussy. And reversed again. Do these girls ever get tired of licking pussy? The old man convinced the redhead to come back and suck on his cock. He finally put her on her back and shot a load in her mouth. Notice the young girl is still wearing braces? How old is she? Well over 18 we know that for sure.

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